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PVT Jacob Owens (Suffolk, VA) was named Cadet of Month for November at Fishburne Military School

Fishburne Military School Announces November Awards

“These young men,” noted Superintendent, COL Gary Morrison (VA), FMS ’81, “represent the best that Fishburne Military School has to offer. They have worked diligently and each has made remarkable progress in their cadetships. They have earned our respect and our admiration.”

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Cadets sat down for an hour presentation on Jefferson's major works, enjoyed a picnic under the autumn trees, and then explored Jefferson's 5,000 acre "Little Mountain".

Fishburne Military School Visits Monticello

CPT Woods’ American Government class visited Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello for a class field trip. For over a month, students had analyzed various primary documents (such as the Magna Carta, Petition of Rights and English Bill of Rights, along with the works of Enlightened thinkers of Hobbes, Locke, and Montesquieu) that had influenced Thomas Jefferson’s works.

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Cadet of the Month, Hunter Jennings (Riva, MD)

Fishburne Military School (VA) Announces Monthly Cadet Awards

Cadet Hunter Jennings ’15 (Riva, Maryland), was named Cadet of the Month. Cadet Blake J. Justen ’15, (Mentor, Ohio), earned Officer of the Month. Cadet Staff Sergeant James D. Kelley ’16, (London, Kentucky) was named as NCO of the Month. Recipients of these Cadet awards are nominated by their peers from within each company and then selected by an Honor Board of Cadet Officers…

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Fishburne Military School's (VA) Raiders team

Fishburne Military School Raiders Find New Ways to Win

Fishburne Military School’s (VA) JROTC Raiders team is working toward earning a third-straight invitation to 4th Brigade’s “Best of the Best” competition. Last Saturday was another strong performance from the FMS raiders. Although many of the A team members were absent from the meet for a variety of reasons, the Raiders once again showed that they have the depth to compete.

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The Fishburne Military School JROTC Corps of Cadets at their finest

Fishburne Military School’s PMW Brings Caisson Family Together

Fishburne Military School’s Parents Military Weekend (PMW) celebrates cadet achievements and brings parents from all around the country come to Fishburne. PMW is always a fun time for everyone involved and showcases the work that the Corps of Cadets has put into Drill and Ceremony, Academics, and Athletics.

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