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Fishburne Military School Officers

Fishburne Military School Concludes Training Detail

While most High School students were lazily finishing up their summers, the cadets at Fishburne Military School were already hard at work. The Caissons’ Football, Soccer, and Cross Country athletes reported back to campus … In addition to these athletes, Cadets in consideration for leadership positions were invited to “Training Detail” week.

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Fishburne Military School Cadets

Fishburne Cadets Have Uniquely Rewarding Summer

Most rising seniors get summer jobs such as lifeguarding, being a busboy at a restaurant, or counseling at a summer camp; however, Fishburne Seniors Cadet James Wright (Seattle, WA) and Logan Amico (Pittsgrove, NJ) wanted a more challenging experience.

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Fishburne Military School Kicks Off Summer Session 2014

The program, which combines a robust slate of athletic and military activities with a rigorous academic schedule, was designed to provide young men with a healthy and motivating environment in which they may strengthen their academic foundations or work to get ahead in the classroom.

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Fishburne Military School Cadets attend JCLC Eagle 2014

Twelve cadets from Fishburne Military School attended JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge (Summer Camp) at the State Military Reservation at Virginia Beach, Virginia from 15-20 June 2014. Overall, 250 JROTC Cadets from Virginia and North Carolina participated in this year’s camp.

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Fishburne Military School Seniors Racking Up Acceptances

College acceptance letters at Fishburne Military School are beginning to pile up…Leading the charge for the Caissons is Battalion Commander Harrold McCoo, who has now been accepted to BOTH West Point and the Naval Academy.

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