FMS Fields First Ever CyberPatriots Team

 By Cadet Zachary D. Waser, Batallion S-5

Saturday afternoon, November 3rd, a group of four tech savvy cadets at Fishburne Military School gathered to become the school’s first participants in a CyberPatriot competition. The CyberPatriot program is organized by the Air Force Association, and aims to educate students on the security protocols and operating systems for modern computers.

Each CyberPatriot team is given a portable version of an operating system to work with during competition.  The operating system has on it a file containing the backstory of the operating system, such as being a workstation for a company or a webserver, and instructions on what needs to be done to fit the company’s needs.  The participants then have six hours to comb through the computer, finding every security flaw, error or oversight, as well as configure every setting that a theoretical company may need.

The Fishburne team was tasked with setting up a general workstation for a company named XYZ.  The workstation was not to have any hacking tools, or any network scanning or control tools on it.  Every user account needed to be password protected, and some of the accounts needed to be removed, as they were not on the list of current employees supplied in the backstory. Read more

Joe Johnson ’71 Reflects on the Alumni Weekend Festivities

“Do you remember when……?”   If I heard that once over alumni weekend, I heard 100 times.  Well maybe not that many, but enough that on the way home from Waynesboro it got me to thinking.  My wife always worries when I get to thinking – because I think about a lot of things.

This time, I got to thinking about relationships – real relationships – the kind of relationships that so many of us have with each other.  In the relationships I have had with folks over the years, there has always been a third party.  If you follow Christian beliefs as I do, you have heard about relationships with Jesus.  If you have been married in a tradition Christian church (twice for me, so an expert) you have heard words that God is involved with that relationship. Read more

Video and slide show from 2010-2011

Put together by Appeal Productions and Kevin Blackburn Photography.

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Cadet Daniels ’13 Goes to Korea

It’s not every day that one of our cadets heads to the other side of the world for a month. Well… unless he’s an international student and his family lives abroad. In this case, Cadet Tyler-Christian Daniels ’13, of Fishersville, VA, got the opportunity to visit South Korea due to a year-long business assignment his dad was given to reshape a popular American clothing brand. Read more