Cross Country Winning with Class

Report from Coach Anson

1236884_10202040504480754_1025411550_n[1]Woonjo “Iron” Ahn led the Caissons XC team to a 30-45 win over North Cross and Roanoke Valley Christian yesterday afternoon.

More important than winning was the way the runners conducted themselves during the event, as mentioned below by the North Cross athletic director:

 “You have an outstanding group of young men who distinguished
themselves by their excellent sportmanship and their gutsy performance on a hard course.  Congratulations on a fine win, and I look forward to seeing you in two weeks.  Good luck with the rest of your season!”

Race Results below:


Fishburne Results (5K course with steep hills and treacherous descents)

3. FMS                        22:42                           Ahn

4. FMS                        23:07                           Wright

6. FMS                        23:22                           Amico

8. FMS                        23:25                           Neufeld

9. FMS                        23:32                           Marsh

10. FMS                      24:47                           Brand

11. FMS                      25:00                           Euteneuer

12. FMS*                    25:00                           Wiegand

13. FMS*                    25:35                           Dan”May Day” May

14. FMS*                    26:08                           Dua

18. FMS*                    27:36                           Miller

19. FMS*                    27:47                           Wren-Russ

20. FMS*                    28:29                           Fosdick

FMS Track and Field Takes 2nd in VIC

Report from Coach Greene

DSC_0001For the first time since 1998, the Caisson Track and Field team finished in the top 2 in the VIC. Here’s how it went down:

We were already behind the 8 ball as we gave up critical points to LCA, Blue Ridge, EMHS, and Roanoke Catholic by not competing in the High Jump, 110 High Hurdles, or Pole Vault.

Starting with the Field Events, Nicolas Craan scored our first point of the day with a 6th place finish in the long jump. Craan would add another point for FMS and Brian Reaves would score two as they took 6th and 5th respectively in the Triple Jump.

Reaves would also score the first medal of the day with a 3rd place finish worth 6 points in Shot Put. Novak Porter would also add 2 points with his 5th place finish.

Brandon Olszewski scored a second place medal worth 8 points with his personal record and school record of 128′ 5″ in the Discus Throw. Allan Davis and Porter would also score 3 valuable points in the event finishing 5th and 6th.

On to the track…Bevan MorrisonRodgers turned in another sub-12 second run scoring 2 points for his 5th place effort in the 100m dash.

Zach McIntyre added another point with a 6th place finish in the 200m dash.

Rodney (Deon) Washington continued his stellar season with a 3rd place medal and 6 points in the 400m dash. Jerry Qiao would give us another crucial point with a 6th place finish.

In the 800, two LCA runners jumped out to a big lead on the first lap but Blake Daugherty gave everything he had, literally sprinting the final 400m to take first place. Once Chance Berry saw Daugherty catch the two LCA runners, he knew he had a shot at a medal as well. Berry sprinted the last 300 meters to take third. If he had 20 more meters it would have been second. 16 more points for the good guys

Colin Turnnidge ran away with the 1600m run winning by 10 seconds. Daugherty would also finish 6th. 11 more points. Turnnidge would also dominate the 3200m run, lapping up to 5th place. Berry would finish 3rd. 16 more points.

Everyone knows that “Biggie” is an ironic nickname for Morrison-Rodgers but he has been our best hurdler all year. However, he was seeded last in the 300m hurdles. There were only four athletes in the event, 2 from LCA, and one each for FMS and EMHS. The top seed from LCA was disqualified for a false start. Biggie ran a great race but was third coming down the home stretch. The runner from LCA was way out front but Biggie was tracking down the EMHS athlete. Then it happened, the EMHS hurdler tripped on the next to last hurdle and Biggie scored a second place medal and 8 points for FMS.

Biggie would also start the 4x100m relay with Washington, Kang, and Olszewski. It was our best 4×100 all year and Olszewski made up a lot of distance on the LCA anchor but we still finished 2nd, 2 seconds back of LCA. BUT, an illegal handoff in the second zone disqualified LCA and Fishburne took over first place. 10 more points.

The 4×400 team of Brandon Campbell, Washington, Olszewski, and Kang would finish second to EMHS. Add 8 points.

Turnnidge, Daugherty, Berry, and Campbell dominated the 4x800m setting a school record and winning by 41 seconds. That’s 10 more points.

The final tally would be:

LCA 214
FMS 114
Blue Ridge 42
Roanoke Catholic 23

We accomplished our goal of top two, and pushed LCA in every event we faced them. Their sheer numbers beat us. We gave a better effort and matched their talent. It was a great day that all the Fishburne family can be proud of.

Fishburne Baseball Looking to Playoffs

DSC_0073For the first time in almost 10 years a Fishburne Military School baseball team will compete in the VIC tournament. Tomorrow’s game at Liberty Christian Academy will mark the first time since 2004 that the Caissons have earned a playoff spot.

The 2012-2013 Caissons are a young team, with only 3 seniors in the starting line-up, looking to make a stir this year in the conference playoffs.

In a note circulated to FMS faculty and staff, Cadet Avery Vinson ’13, a team captain, expressed his gratitude to all who have supported the team this season. “I would like to personally thank all the teachers and staff at Fishburne,” Vinson wrote, “and especially Coach C, Captain Mawyer and Mr. Fosdick for all the support and help…We have come so far from last year (when we only won one game).”

For the team, making the conference playoffs this year was a primary goal from day one. Achieving that goal has required teamwork and practice and has earned them the respect of their Coaches. “Making it to the playoffs means that the team has reached a goal they set for themselves at the beginning of the season;” said Fishburne Athletics Director Msgt Mike Anson, “this is a giant step forward from last year.  Well done players and coaches!”

Military School Facelift

DSC_0011Work began this morning on a massive project to give Fishburne Military School an over-due facelift. In an effort announced earlier this year by FMS Superintendent COL Gary R. Morrison (VA), FMS ’81, every window in barracks is being replaced this summer.

The effort, while expected to greatly enhance Fishburne’s asthetic appeal, was far more practical in its inception. Modern, metal windows and frames are replacing the decades-old wooden ones which have, over time, warped and been cobbled together after numerous repairs. The new windows will provide far better energy efficiency and more comfortable living quarters for the Cadets.DSC_0008

Although the change may seem dramatic to the young men living in Fishburne’s barracks, visitors and observers may simply notice that things look tidier around campus. Great consideration and efforts were put into maintaining the historic facade of the 134-year-old military school. FMS is designated as a National Historic Landmark.

“Every effort,” said Morrison, “has been made to ensure that these improvements in no way interfere with the historic significance or atmosphere for which our Alma Mater is so renowned. This aspect of the job was one more important reason why we awarded the work to a locally-owned business. They [Window World, of Charlottesville, VA] understand our needs and we understand the importance of supporting our community.”

Fishburne Players Return to Campus

IMG_6643Fishburne Military School’s Drama Club has been resurrected this year and the “Fishburne Players” are looking forward to their season debut during Alumni Weekend 2013. The club has roared back to life this year under the direction of FMS English Teacher, Alumnus and former Fishburne Player CPT Carl Lambert.

After a seven-year sabbatical, the group has returned to the stage, with 15 cadets and two local young ladies participating. The club will be performing two short plays consisting of several quick one acts each. Both plays are comedies, one about blind dating and the other about ways prospective students mess up their college interviews.

“The guys have really embraced drama this year,” Lambert noted, “and it’s a great thing for the Corps as a whole to see the value and enjoyment that can be gained throughIMG_6625 performance.”

The Fishburne Players will have a private showing for the Corps on April 24, just prior to their public debut for Alumni, Staff, Faculty and friends on Saturday, April 27th from 3-4 p.m. They will be performing 2 short plays (yet to be disclosed).

Next, they will perform on Thursday, May 16th from 8:30-9:30 p.m. to kick off the festivities for graduation weekend. All members of the Fishburne Family are encouraged to attend.